Happy 2020! Affiliate Program Available Now!

Here we go 2020!

We are so excited to start out 2020 here at ILJ Mail.  Why?  We have a brand new affiliate program to share with you!  

Earn passive, recurring income every month at ILJ Mail!

From extra money to serious income. Allow yourself to dream again.

5.59 Billion Current Email Accounts World Wide
400 Million New Email Users by 2023

*Examples based on the 3.99 monthly account.

*Income for life means the affiliate gets referrals for the life of the customer’s active subscription account.

Income for Life!*

10 Users = 8.00/Month = 1 Value Meal

100 Users = 80.00/Month = Christmas/Vacation Fund Money

Here’s where it starts to get interesting!

500 Users = 400.00/Month = Car payment

1500 Users = 1200.00/Month = House payment

5000 Users = 4000.00/Month = Save for Early Retirement

10000 Users = 8000.00/Month = Allow yourself to dream again

Active affiliates you sign up could quickly add to your totals

Our 2 Tier Program

At ILJ Mail, you don’t just earn recurring income from those that sign up from your referral. You can also earn money if any of those referrals become affiliates! We call this our 2 Tier Program. While you earn 20% of any direct sale from your referral, you will also earn 10% of any sale that any of those customers refer to us. How exciting is that! If you sign up a go getter, you can benefit from their tenacity!



1000 Affiliates x 10 signups each = 10,000 new signups.

10,000 new signup x .40 for Tier2 earnings = 4,000 per month.

That’s $4000 a month for you from the signups your affiliate friends make!

World Population
7.7 Billion
Internet Users
4.5 Billion
Email Users
3.9 Billion
Email Accounts
5.59 Billion 73%
Gmail Accounts
1.5 Billion
Expected Email User Growth by 2023
Nearly 400 Million New Users
Look at it this way:

273,972 new email users every day.

11,415 every hour

190 every minute

3 every second

Source: statista.com

Anyone Can Do It!

Do you have a blog? If you think your readers would enjoy having a fun, memorable (not to mention private!) email address, you should be an affiliate!

Are you an influencer that thinks these email addresses would hit home with your followers? Give out your promo code and earn some money!

Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook? They might want a chance at getting their name @ILJ!

Stay At Home Moms/Dads
Looking for some extra money for Christmas or vacation? Tell your friends about ILJ Mail and earn some serious cash.

Talk about a fund raiser! If your organization signs up as an affilaite and gets everyone who supports the organization to purchase an email address, that’s the fund raiser that keeps on giving! As long as they stay customers, the organization will get a residual income from it.

Do you tire of having to ask parents to sell chocolate bars and magazines? This is a new and innovative way to bring in some much needed cash to the classroom!

Do you have customers that might enjoy having a private email address at a cool domain? Refer them with your promo code and keep earning money even after your customers leave your store!

The Details

Cookie Life – 120 Days

Payouts – We pay 20% for any account that signs up directly with your coupon or link and then we pay an extra 10% to you if one of your referrals also becomes an affiliate and they start bringing in customers.  We pay through Paypal only.  You are required to have a Paypal address for us to be able to send you payouts.

Management – You will have your own dashboard so you can keep up with how many signups you have had and what you are earning.

Coupons – We offer Affiliate Coupons when you sign up for a subscription! These coupons are linked to your affiliate ID so if someone uses a coupon for a free month or discount and they stay a customer to continue their subscription, you will get the recurring referral!  

Note: Coupons are not redeemable for cash.  Affiliate Agreement is located here.

How Do I Sign Up? 

Go to our front page here:  https://www.iljmail.com and read about the two different ways to sign up.  One is a free affiliate account, the other one comes with email. 🙂