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It’s becoming clear that those in charge would love nothing more than to be able to track everyone and what they do on a daily basis.  They will say it’s for everyone’s own good, their health, their safety, to catch the bad guys, etc.  I’m not so sure anymore.

I am still on the line between confused as to what is really going on and completely dumbfounded at what I have read.  Things are being done during this pandemic that I believe we would have fought back harder against if there were more attention being paid to it. It’s sneaky. Things are being set in place for massive surveillance of our society and with massive surveillance comes control

 The Pandemic Opened The Door For More Surveillance. 

As we started seeing that the Covid-19 virus was very contagious and could cause death, our world’s governments started scrambling to find ways to save lives.  We assume that’s good because of course we want our governments wanting to save our lives.  However, the way they are going about everything should make you pause and watch.

At first countries were making people take selfies at home to send back to them to prove they were behaving like they should in quarantine.  Then we read about here in the U.S. where they are getting information about our whereabouts from the AD NETWORKS that we have freely given our privacy over to already. (source)

"The data is being gathered from the advertising industry, which often gains access to people's geolocation when they sign up to apps. "

They moved to looking at making “immunity passports” or some kind of card you could carry with you to say that you were not contagious.  “This way you could go back to work”, they said.  They are rushing to do this when it hasn’t even been proven that we are immune to the virus after having it.  That makes me wonder if there’s more to it.

They then started making tracking apps so that they could see how you move around and make sure you were where you said you would be and not out infecting people. Some countries are already doing that.

We see Google and Apple collaborating on an app that could be used for “contact tracing” and they use bluetooth to privately watch who you come in close contact with that may have the virus in the future.  All that depends on a high percentage of people actually trusting an app like that and using it while they go about their daily business.

Even if these apps fail to accomplish what they were intended for, it is setting a system in place for something else.  It’s a test run.

They can already easily track where we’ve been just through apps we have installed.

Protocol, a website about the technology industry, recently wrote about Locate X.  Here’s a quote from their article about it:

The product, called Locate X and sold by Babel Street, allows investigators to draw a digital fence around an address or area, pinpoint mobile devices that were within that area, and see where else those devices have traveled, going back months, the sources told Protocol. They said the tool tracks the location of devices anonymously, using data that popular cell phone apps collect to enable features like mapping or targeted ads, or simply to sell it on to data brokers.

Look, we have all been conditioned to accept this type of thing for a long time.  We already give our information over to data harvesting companies just by using the internet, our computers, and our mobile devices. Hey… why not let them track us everywhere we go and let the government know if we are staying home or not? (sarcasm intended)

Even if you actually trust them with all that information, it’s not just the government that would be looking.  If criminals figure out a way to abuse those apps, it would open the door to a lot of bad actors.

Please think about this.  You might not have anything to hide right now, but you don’t need to share everything, either.

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