8 Simple Ways to Promote Your ILJ Mail Affiliate Link

Need help getting the word out about ILJ Mail so you can earn referrals? Let us show you how to make it easy to share your affiliate link!


Use your email address with a signature.

The easiest way to promote your affiliate link is to start using your email address every day and add a signature to the bottom of every email. Our long cookie life is set to 120 days, so anyone who clicks the link in your email and allows cookies in their browser is a possible referral for up to 4 months after your contact with them.  If you use our webmail interface, it’s easy to do.  Click here for our knowledge base article on how to set up a custom signature.

We suggest using html for the link like the image on the right but you can use plain text as well.


Share one of our blog posts and add your affiliate code.

You can share our blog posts and articles and still get a referral by adding your referral link to the end of the post or article url.  The part you want to add is after the last / then put ?ref=### where you replace ### with your actual affiliate ID.  Example:

This post’s URL is:
https://christianaffiliate.com/2020/02/27/the-christian-affiliate/ but you would change that to https://christianaffiliate.com/2020/02/27/the-christian-affiliate/?ref=youraffiliateID

Here’s another post and a page we recommend that you share with your affiliate code added to the end.  Choose the audience you are going after and share either the ILJ Mail page or the Prepping Privacy blog post.  They have the same exact information:

ILJ Mail’s “Why Private Email” article: https://www.iljmail.com/why-private-email/

Prepping Privacy’s “Are Free Services Private”: https://preppingprivacy.com/2020/are-free-services-private/

Remember to add the ?ref=youraffiliateidhere after that last / on the end

Please note that coupon codes are the most reliable way to get referrals.  See the section on coupon codes below.


Share one of our ad images on social media linked to your affiliate url.

We have many ads already made in your affiliate account area in the creatives tab or you can pick from our gallery of images. Click here to see the gallery on our Affiliate Resources page.  There are more to choose from on our Resources page and it’s easy to see them all at a glance.  You can share those along with your referral link or coupon code on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Use this coupon code for a free first month: (your coupon code here)

Use our special ILJ Mail logo.

Our logo, along with more images, is available on our Affiliate Resources Page to either place on your website/blog or send through email.  You can link that directly to your referral url and/or give out a coupon code with it. 

Coupon codes are the most reliable way to get referrals.


COUPONS: Email friends and offer them a free first month!

Our paid email subscribers get a unique coupon code assigned to them that they can offer to friends and family.  The recipient gets a free month and if they stay a customer, you get recurring income!  Free months are only available through our paid email subscriber affiliates with their unique coupon code so this is a great way to get someone to use your link/code and begin using ILJMail.  Coupon codes are the most reliable way to get referrals.  If someone is using a privacy focused browser (as they should be), they may not “catch” the cookie that should be set by your affiliate URL. 

Hello Friend!

I wanted to email you about a private, secure email service that I have been using. They don’t track you, scan your emails for marketing purposes, or sell your data like so many free providers do today. They also have a great affiliate program you can join and earn monthly recurring income!  You can read about it by going to this link (put your referral link here) and you can get a free month by using this coupon code (put your coupon code here).


Contact your favorite organization, charity or cause and have them use it as a fund raiser.

Using a subscription service as a fund raiser is a great way to fund raise once and keep on earning!  Churches, non-profits and charities are always looking for a good way to raise money for their needs and expenses.  Most fund raisers are a one time deal but if they raise money through ILJ Mail, it can become much needed recurring income for their service or ministry.


7. Dedicate a page on your website to review ILJMail with a link to Affiliate Link and/or your coupon code.

We certainly hope that you are using and enjoying your email address here at ILJ Mail.  We fully expect that our affiliates are using the product that they are referring and endorsing. 

If you are, this would be a good time to talk about the service and what you like about it! 

Then you can use that opportunity to link to ILJ Mail with your own affiliate link and offer a coupon code.


8. Print out flyers to leave with people you think may be interested.  We will have some flyers you can use soon on our Affiliate Resources page. Please keep checking for those.

At ILJMail you not only get a great email address that is private, secure and easy to share, but also an affiliate program that keeps on paying! 

If you haven’t signed up already, click here to see your options at this link, and if you are already an affiliate, click here to log in to your account.