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$3.99/mo or $39.99/year
  • 1 Private Email Address
  • 10 GB (10,000 MB) Email Storage
  • No Ads - No Tracking
  • IMAP and POP Access
  • Secure TLS/SSL Connections
  • Webmail with Calendar and Contacts*
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Use your favorite email apps and programs such as Outlook.
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What is Christian Fun Mail?

We have offered email with our domains starting way back in 1998. Back then it was under the name “Christian Fun Mail”.  We were able to offer this service at no cost to users through a provider because they were able to show advertisements to the email users. However, our provider stopped offering the free version of the accounts in 2017 due to the fact that there were too many people abusing their system. We didn’t want to interrupt the email service for the paid users and we didn’t have an alternative to offer to those that already used email with our domains so we let them continue there until we could come up with our own solution.

We now have our own email service at ILJ Mail so we have moved all of our domains away from the old provider and to our own.

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