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Adding a Custom Signature

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Click here to sign into your webmail at (this will open a new tab for you)

Once you are signed in, please follow these instructions:

If you want a custom signature to be added to the bottom of every email you send out through webmail, this article will tell you how. When signed into your webmail, do the following:

1. Click the Settings link at the top right hand corner of your screen.
2. In the new panel that shows up on the left, click Identities.
3. Click your email identity that you want to create a signature for.
4. In the Signature field, type whatever you would like to appear at the bottom of your emails.
5. Click Save.
6. Click on the Mail icon in the top right to return to your inbox.

Your signature will appear on any outbound message sent via the webmail interface. If you want a signature to be appended to your emails sent from external programs and apps, you will need to set it up there as well. Each app and program has different methods, so please see the help files for the particular program you use for instructions.