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Affiliate Area Overview

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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


When you are signed into the Affiliate Area (click here to go to the My Account to sign in and then click Affiliate Area on the left), you will see the following menu at the top of the section:

As you can see, there are many links to click!

Below is an overview of each area.

Affiliate URLS – this section is where you will see the URL you will share and link to for referrals.



A graphical look at your earnings.


This section will show you detailed information about referrals, their statuses, and how much you earned for each.


Shows how much you have been paid and if it has been sent or not.


This section shows where visits have been that used your URL

Sub Affiliates

This section will show you if you have any sub affiliates. If so, you earn 10% of what they refer as well!


This section has any pre-made ad graphics that you have permission to use to attract referrals.


This section is very important because it needs to have your Paypal email address.  If you have a different email address that you use for Paypal, it needs to be here or you will not be able to get paid!  Make sure it is the email address you use to log into Paypal.


You should be seeing a coupons section within 24 hours of signing up.  If you do not see one, please contact us and let us know so we can create it for you.

So there’s an overview of the Affiliate Area.  If you have any questions, click on “My Support Tickets” in the menu in the “My Account” area when you are logged in to open up a ticket and start a conversation with our support team!

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