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When you purchase a subscription here at ILJ Mail, you are automatically eligible to be an affiliate in case you want to refer some friends.   You can encourage your friends to sign up by offering them a coupon!  All you have to do is fill out the affiliate registration form and wait for approval.  Put your ILJ Mail email address in the comments section so we know who you are and can create your coupon.

Every affiliate account with an email subscription here comes with coupons set up for you.  Your personal code is available in the Affiliate Area when you click the Coupon link.  It will show you the code to give out and what it will offer.  As of this writing, the coupons give a discount enough for a free first month or a $3.99 discount on a yearly subscription.  Yes, visitors will still have to put in their billing information, but if they cancel before that first month is up, they won’t have to pay.  If they do stay and their subscription renews, you get your referral awards for as long as they are customers here and your affiliate account is in good standing.

Coupons are the best way to ensure that you get the referral award for the customers that you send our way! 

Here’s why:

When you give out your link with your affiliate code on the end and someone clicks it, it will put a cookie in their browser.  That’s good for most people because they tend to allow cookies.   The internet is a frustrating place if you don’t allow any cookies to be placed in your browser.  For those people that use cookie blockers or ad blockers, it’s possible that the referral url you share may not reward the referral if they do eventually come place an order since they didn’t allow the cookie to be placed.

Coupons, on the other hand, are tied to your affiliate account and do not rely on cookies for the referral.   If they use a coupon (and why would they not?), you will get the referral from that sale even if your affiliate cookie was not set in their browser.  Coupons are a great way to get referrals by word of mouth, through email, or on social media (especially Instagram where they don’t allow links in the description).  People are more interested in a product if they can try it for free.  Once they get here, we know they will love it!

Number of Coupons:

The coupons have unlimited use!  You can share that coupon code all day long.  Anyone that uses your unique code will be your referral

Need some ideas on how to share?  Click here for “8 Simple Ways to Promote Your Affiliate Link”

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