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Can I Use POP to Check Email?

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You can use POP to check your email.  We recommend using IMAP because it is more convenient and less likely to cause issues for you.

If you decide to choose POP over IMAP, make sure you use port 995 for incoming email.

The Difference Between POP and IMAP


The POP protocol downloads all your messages onto your device and deletes them from the server.  You have one place where your messages will reside once you check the server for new items:  on your device.  If you do not back that device up on a regular basis, you are in danger of losing your messages if your device crashes or gets lost.  This is why we do not recommend POP.

However, some still prefer this method and feel more in control of their messages by having them in one place.  If you fall in that category, please remember the changes in the way you check email above and keep regular backups.


With IMAP, you can get your email wherever you are, from any device. When you read an email using IMAP, you’re reading it from the email service instead of storing it only on your computer. As a result, you can check your email from different devices, anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you read a message on your device, it is marked read on the server so that if you sign into your email on a different device or through webmail, it will show that it has been read.  If you delete it on one device, it will be deleted on all devices and the server.  Emails are “synced” across devices.  Any device that accesses an email client using IMAP will get the most recent copy of the email mailbox. This is a good setup because you aren’t having to worry about your email being on a device that can get lost or broken. All your email is stored safely on the server for you to access at any time.  This also helps if you decide to change the app that you check email with.  You don’t have to import all your messages from the old app.  They just appear from the server because you use IMAP!


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