Upgrading the Free Affiliate Account to an Email Subscription

Looking to upgrade your free affiliate account to a subscription?  Want to get your hands on those coupon codes?  Can’t blame you there!  Coupon codes are the absolute best way to make sure you get those referrals when you send people our way. All you have to do is make sure you are logged in to your affiliate account and then go to this link: https://account.iljmail.com/create-email.  Logging in first will make sure your new email

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Welcome to the ILJ Mail Affiliate Program!

This is the non-personalized content of the welcome letter emailed to all those who sign up to be an affiliate.  Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program! You can log into your affiliate area at https://account.iljmail.com/my-affliate-account/ or you can find it at any time in the left menu while logged into your account management area at https://account.iljmail.com/my-account Your unique referral URL is listed in the Affiliate URL section here:  https://account.iljmail.com/my-affliate-account/?tab=urls so start sharing! You can

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How Do Affiliates Get Paid?

Wondering how an affiliate gets paid?  That’s a great question! First of all, we pay monthly, on the last business day of the month, if your referrals are at least $50.  If your payout balance has not reached $50, it will roll over to the next month until it is enough for a payment. We pay through Paypal only.  There are several reasons for that: #1.  Paypal is a secure, trusted, time tested payment source. 

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Affiliate Coupons

When you purchase a subscription here at ILJ Mail, you are automatically eligible to be an affiliate in case you want to refer some friends.   You can encourage your friends to sign up by offering them a coupon!  All you have to do is fill out the affiliate registration form and wait for approval.  Put your ILJ Mail email address in the comments section so we know who you are and can create your coupon.

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Affiliate Area Overview

When you are signed into the Affiliate Area (click here to go to the My Account to sign in and then click Affiliate Area on the left), you will see the following menu at the top of the section: As you can see, there are many links to click! Below is an overview of each area. Affiliate URLS – this section is where you will see the URL you will share and link to for

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How do I get my Affiliate Link?

Sign into the “My Account” area and click on the “Affiliate Area” link on the left menu.  Alternatively, you can click on this link to go straight there but if you aren’t signed in, you will need to use your account management login information to get to the correct place: https://account.iljmail.com/affiliate-area/ The page you land on should automatically show you your referral URL.  It looks like this (the one in this screenshot is NOT your

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What is the Affiliate Program?

We have an affiliate program!  Do you love your email address?  Tell all your friends and you could earn a recurring commission!  Find out more at our affiliate page here: https://iljmail.com/affiliate The overview is that we give you 20% of all sales you refer to us plus 10% of the affiliate you sign up under you!  Our hope is to provide a way for those wanting to make a change the means to earn passive

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