Can I encrypt my emails?

Yes, but you will need to use a third party addon or program to do so. Please note that in all cases, to send someone else an encrypted message, they will need to share their public key with you.  (ie., they must also be set up with an encryption key and be using a compatible client). Otherwise, your only option is to digitally sign your messages.  That will add credibility to your messages but will

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Forward Gmail Messages to New Email Address

Here’s how to automatically forward all your gmail email messages to your shiny new or address! Sign into Click the Gear Icon over on the top right and choose Settings Choose “Forwarding POP/IMAP” from the tabs on that screen Enter your new email address that you want it forwarded to and click Next Click Proceed on the next pop up Then it will send you a confirmation code at your new email

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How to Set Up and Use Disposable Email Addresses

Not sure why you want to use disposable email addresses?  Click here for our blog post on that very subject. Just to recap, it’s a great way to give out your email address for newsletters without giving out your actual email address.  That way you can filter messages that come to that email address either to a special folder, or if it becomes a problem, straight to the trash. Here’s how to do it: If

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How to Sync Email from a Different Provider

Are you wanting to move all your IMAP email messages from an old email address to your new or email address?   We recommend using the service located on this page: When you look at the page, you will see something similar to this:   The LEFT side (in blue) is for your old email address you want to pull messages FROM.   The RIGHT side (greenish), is for your new email address you

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How to Check Email in Windows 10 Mail

I bet you have seen this icon in your Windows 10 system! This is the icon for Windows Mail. If you would like to use this program to check your email account you have at ILJ Mail, then click that mail icon and follow these steps: First pull up Windows 10 Mail App. If you have already set up a Windows email account you will see your current email. Over to the left side of

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Spam Settings

All of your email settings are located within your webmail interface. Click here to sign into your webmail at (this will open a new tab for you) Once you are signed in, please follow these instructions: Click Settings in the top right. On the left, in the settings panel, click Spam. You will be able to edit the following settings in the Spam Panel that appears on the right: General Settings – Adjust score

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How to Check Email In Outlook

To add your mailbox in recent versions of Outlook including 2013 and higher, please follow these instructions: Manual Setup In Outlook, click File. Click Add Account. Select the Manual Setup radio button and click Next. Select the Pop3 or IMAP radio button and click Next. Enter your name and email address. Select IMAP account type. Enter for both the incoming and outgoing mail server fields. Under Logon Information, enter your full email address for

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How to Check Email with Apple Mail

To set up your mailbox in Apple Mail, please follow these instructions: Open Apple Mail and click Mail. Click Add Account. Select Add Other Mail Account and click Continue. Enter your name, email address and password, click Sign In. You may see an alert “Unable to verify account name or password” and be required to enter additional information: Email Address: Enter your email address User Name: Enter your email address Password: Enter your mailbox password

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How to Set Up Email in Thunderbird

This article explains how to set up your new email address in the desktop application called Thunderbird.  You can click here to read more about Thunderbird To add your mailbox in the Thunderbird mail client, please follow these instructions: In Thunderbird, click on the main menu icon (three horizontal lines) at the top right of the screen. Click Options / Account Settings. Click the Account Actions menu (bottom left). Click Add Mail Account. Enter Your

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Changing Email Password

Do you need to change the password you use to check your email?  You can do that in the webmail interface at this address: Sign into the webmail interface using your email address or  If you can’t remember your password, please use the “forgot password” link underneath the login button. 1. Click Settings in the upper right of your screen. 2. Click Password in the panel that appears on the left. 3.

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