How to Set Up FairEmail App on Android

FairEmail Setup Just fair warning, this is one of the more difficult apps to set up but we have provided the steps for you here.  Please use third party apps at your own risk. Once you get the app installed: 1. Tap the FairEmail Icon on your device 2. You will need to review their license agreement and agree to be able to use the app. 3. On the next screen, under the Wizard button,

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Having Trouble Logging In?

If you are having trouble logging in to get your email, we have a few tips for you to try. 1 –Did you finish setting up the email?   If so, after the payment screen, you would have typed in an email password and then would have seen the “Congratulations” page with helpful links.  If you did not see that page after you chose your email address password, please contact support so we can help you

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How to Set up Blue Mail Android App

Are you using the Blue Mail app on android to check your email?   Here’s how to set that up with our service: On the opening screen you will see a choice to sign in with Google or Add account. Add Account. Next Screen:  Choose Other Email Type in your email (example: Type in your email password (the one you chose to check messages – NOT your billing password) Tap Next After it checks it’s

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Can I encrypt my emails?

Short Answer: Yes, but you will need to use a third party addon or program to do so. In all cases, to send someone else an encrypted message, they will need to share their public key with you.  (ie., they must also be set up with an encryption key and be using a compatible client). Otherwise, your only option is to digitally sign your messages.  That will add credibility to your messages but will not

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Incoming/Outgoing Mail Server Settings

This is general settings for setting up your mobile devices. The following settings are used to set up your email account on mobile devices including Blackberry, iOS (iPhone and iPad), Windows Mobile, Android and any other devices that support secure POP3 and IMAP connections.  Click here for an article on the difference in POP and IMAP. IMAP settings (Recommended): Account Type: IMAP Incoming Mail Server: Encryption: SSL Incoming Server (IMAP) port: 993 Outgoing Mail

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Preventing Mobile Devices from Deleting Messages from the Server

This can also be titled “Why you should use IMAP instead of POP3” If your mobile device has a POP3 connection to the server, depending on your phone’s configuration settings, it is possible that messages are being deleted from the server. In this scenario, if messages are not being saved on the server, any other computers you are using for email will not be able to access your email. To prevent messages from being deleted

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Check Email on an Android Mobile Device

To set up your email account on an Android device, please follow these instructions.  Tutorial video is below the text steps. Important Note:  No matter which device you use, it will sometimes fill in information it THINKS is right but it is not correct.  The main trouble spot being the email server.  The incoming and outgoing server will always always always be:   There are no exceptions. Text Instructions: These instructions are for a Samsung

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Check Email on an iPhone/iPad

You can check your email on the go! It’s simple to use the iPhone’s built in email app to view your email with us. Please follow these instructions to set up your email address on an iPhone. Setup Instructions: Go to your iPhone Settings Tap Passwords and Accounts (OR tap “Mail”, then “Accounts”  – some OS versions are different) Tap Add Account (usually at the bottom) Tap Other Tap Add Mail Account Put in your

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