Christian Fun Mail / Move Background

What is up with and Christian Fun Mail? We have offered email with our domains (,,, etc) starting way back in 1998. Back then it was under the name “Christian Fun Mail”.  We were able to offer this service at no cost to users through a provider called because they were able to show advertisements to the email users to generate revenue. However, stopped offering the free version of the

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Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

At ILJ Mail, our ability to offer amazing customer support is the highest priority.  We love to help our customers and are excited about what we have to offer, but we are a small support team and need to do things as efficiently as possible to be able to help everyone.  We do not offer telephone assistance for many reasons and we feel this is best for our company and customers at this time. We

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ILJ Mail Overview

Wondering just what you will get with your subscription? Privacy: Well, first and foremost, there’s the fact that it’s private.  There are no ads and nobody tracking you outside this site.  We do use a program to analyze our traffic but we don’t want to know where you go after you leave here!  You can take a look at our Privacy Policy here. Awesome Email Address: It’s a really great email address.  So easy to

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Contacting Support

It’s very easy!  All you have to do is fill out our Contact Form on our website.  You can click here to go to our contact page. Our active support hours are 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Central,  7 days a week. We do not offer phone support at this time because we feel that we can serve you more efficiently and faster through email and the ticketing system that our contact form provides.  Click

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