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Changing Email Password

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Do you need to change the password you use to check your email? Due to the fact that we have had to give people more time to get their old contacts and calendars out of the original webmail interface (the one we used before February 2021), you will need to use that interface to change your password for a little longer but it will be built into the current webmail soon.

The current webmail interface will have this feature starting a little later in March.  You can use the instructions below to change your password until then.

Log out of the current webmail.  Sign into the old webmail interface at using your email address.  If you can’t remember your password, please use the “forgot password” link underneath the login button.

1. Click Settings in the upper right of your screen.
2. Click Password in the panel that appears on the left.
3. Type in your current password to verify
4. Type in your new password, then confirm by typing it again.
5. Click Save.
6. Log out of the old webmail interface and log back into the current one at

Use your new password to log in.

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