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Deleting Multiple Messages at Once

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If you are using webmail to access your emails and have many emails you want to delete at once, you can!

If you are using a computer to access your email, when you are looking at your inbox or whatever folder you want to delete multiple emails out of, hold down “Shift” and select the first message, then while you keep holding shift, click the last message in the block you want to delete.  Then choose “Delete”.  If you don’t want to choose a whole block of emails, you can hold down “Ctrl” and select one at a time to make the group before you delete.

If you are on a phone, it’s different because the webmail is now mobile friendly (the one you access at   If you haven’t changed the skin, you will need to go to your list of emails such as your inbox.  Tap the three dot menu icon and choose “Select”, then choose “Selection” and little checkboxes will show up beside the messages.  Tap the box beside all the messages you want to delete and then choose the three dot menu again and tap “delete”.  There you go!  All the messages you wanted to delete should be in the trash.

Here’s a 24 second video on how to do it if you are checking webmail on your phone.  Sometimes seeing it done is better!


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