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February 2021 Webmail Upgrade

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Webmail Got an Upgrade!  Here’s what you need to know:

This article has been updated to show that the old login is now disabled but you can still get your contacts and calendars for the next week.

We have experienced a lot of growth lately (thank you!) and the use of our webmail system has grown with it. We are happy to announce that we are upgrading the interface to a more modern look that will be mobile device friendly! We have also added a new calendar and you can change between several “skins” (looks/themes) for your webmail needs.

If you use our current webmail for your calendar and contacts, you will need to export your calendar events and address book so that you can import them to the new version. (see instructions below)

Old Webmail:

Signing in at will show you the old interface (non mobile friendly) and give you access to old contacts and calendars and the ability to change your password.  This login has been phased out March 06, 2021 and will now only be available for the next two weeks.

New Webmail:

Signing in at will show you the new, upgraded interface that is mobile friendly and has a new calendar!

You won’t be able to change your password at the new interface until we get the upgrade complete and have given everyone ample time to get their contacts and calendar events exported.

You can use either login to manage your email right now!   The new interface will show up at the old login page later in March and we will have the password function available in that interface then.

Here’s a quick overview of the new webmail:

If you use the contacts and calendar in the old interface, please export them and then import to the new webmail using these instructions here:

Address Book / Contacts:

Log in at to export your address book.
1. Click on the Address Book icon at the top right.
2. Click on the Export icon on the top left.
3. Save the file to your computer (remember where you save it)
4. Log into the new webmail at
5. Click the Contacts icon
6. Click Import at the top of the screen.
7. Click Browse and choose the file you just saved.
8. Click Import.
9. It will show what it imported and then you can close out that pop up window or click cancel and your contacts will now show.


Log in at to export your calendar.
1. Click on the calendar icon at the top right of webmail.
2. Click on the Export icon on the top left of the calendar screen.
3. Save that file to your computer (remember where you save it)
4. Log into the new webmail here:
5. Click on the calendar icon (if you don’t change the “skin” first, it’s on the left side of the screen)
6. Mouse over where it says “My Calendar” and click the little pencil icon that shows up to edit.
7. Click on Import/Export and choose the file you just downloaded.
8. On the bottom right of the screen, it will say “Events Imported Successfully”
9. Click Save in the bottom right.  Then click the Option at the top that you want to view (Day, Week, Month, etc)

You are done!

If you need help with this, we will be more than happy to lend a hand.   Use our contact page to open a ticket and we will help you through this process so you don’t lose any contacts or calendars.

Here’s a video on how to do this.

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