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Forward Gmail Messages to New Email Address

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Here’s how to automatically forward all your gmail email messages to your shiny new or address!

  1. Sign into
  2. Click the Gear Icon over on the top right and choose Settings
  3. Choose “Forwarding POP/IMAP” from the tabs on that screen
  4. Enter your new email address that you want it forwarded to and click Next
  5. Click Proceed on the next pop up
  6. Then it will send you a confirmation code at your new email address.
  7. When you close that pop up, it will refresh to your settings page and you will see a new box to put in your confirmation code that was sent to you.
  8. Put in your confirmation code and click Verify.

That’s it!  All email sent to your old Gmail account should automatically be forwarded to your new email address.  Give it a test run and see!

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