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Having Trouble Logging In?

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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


If you are having trouble logging in to get your email, we have a few tips for you to try.

1 –Did you finish setting up the email?   If so, after the payment screen, you would have typed in an email password and then would have seen the “Congratulations” page with helpful links.  If you did not see that page after you chose your email address password, please contact support so we can help you finish setting that up.

2. Your billing account is a separate login/password from your email messages password.  Click here to see why.

3. Your email address is not   You will not use this to sign in anywhere.   The log in email address that you need to get your messages is the one that you chose when you subscribed.  Example:

4 – Setting your email up in an app? Use the correct server names.   You will use for incoming and outgoing email server even if the app or program suggests something else.

5Setting up in an iPhone or iPad?  Make sure you fill in the “optional” email address and password fields under Outgoing Mail Server (they are not optional). Click here for the iPhone/iPad set up article.

You do not have to contact us to change your passwords.  If you continue to have trouble logging into either billing or webmail, there is a forgot password link on both login pages.  Remember that they are separate logins with separate passwords.  After the system sends you a new password to your off network email address, you can change it to what you prefer using the settings within the billing panel or the webmail panel (for whichever password you changed).

If you still have trouble after that, please let us know!  You can find ways to contact us at our contact page.

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