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How To Change Your Recovery Email

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Sometimes you want to get rid of an old email address.  I have been there!  However, if you use that email as your recovery email for your account at ILJ Mail, that would put you in a bind if you ever forgot the password to your email address here.    If you ever need to update your recovery email, you can do that in your My Account area.  Click here to sign into the My Account area.  (this link should open in a new tab).

After signing in, click on Account Details on the menu on the left.

You can see a place for “Email Address” there.  That is your off network email address.  Please make sure you change it to an email address that will be accessible if you lose your password to your or email account (or any of the other email addresses we offer here).

You can also change your name, display name, and update your account management password (this is NOT the password to check your messages, it’s for account management only).

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