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How to Delete Emails without Viewing Them

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If you use our Webmail interface, by default, the message shows up in the preview pane.

There are times when you might get an email or two that you do not want to see the contents of.  If you have your email account set up so that the preview pane automatically shows the message when you click on the subject, then there’s a good way to avoid seeing the email while choosing to delete it.

All you need to do is hold down the Ctrl key before you click it.  That will select it.  If you have more than one you want to select for deletion, keep holding down the Ctrl key while you choose all the ones you want to delete.   Once they are all selected, stop pressing the Ctrl key and click the Delete option above your inbox.

All the messages you selected will be whisked off to the Trash.

NOTE:  If you do not want to see the messages automatically when you click the subject, go to Settings > Preferences > Mailbox View and uncheck the box beside “Show Preview Pane”.  You will then have to double click each message to see it.  This will not work with some of the “skins” you can use so if you need this ability, do not use the Elastic skin or one with a + beside the name.

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