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How to Set up Blue Mail Android App

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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


Are you using the Blue Mail app on android to check your email?   Here’s how to set that up with our service:

On the opening screen you will see a choice to sign in with Google or Add account.

  1. Add Account.
  2. Next Screen:  Choose Other Email
  3. Type in your email (example:
  4. Type in your email password (the one you chose to check messages – NOT your billing password)
  5. Tap Next
  6. After it checks it’s resources for matching settings, it should show a choice of IMAP, Exchange, or POP3.
  7. Tap IMAP
  8. Leave your entire email address in both the Email Address section and the Username Section.  If they aren’t already there, fill those in.
  9. It should have already filled in your password, but if not, put in your email password.
  10. In the IMAP server section: clear whatever it put in there automatically and replace it with:
  11. Under “Security” choose SSL/TLS
  12. Authentication is “Plain”
  13. Port 993
  14. Tap “Next”
  15. It will check the settings then show you a screen for Outgoing Server Settings
  16. For SMTP server:  clear whatever it put in there and replace it with:
  17. Security:  choose STARTTLS
  18. Port: 2500
  19. Keep the check mark in the box next to Require Sign In
  20. Authentication:  Automatic
  21. If it didn’t fill in your email address and password there underneath the Authentication option, please do so again.
  22. It should authenticate your settings and ask for your name.  Type in your name, tap next (the next button was on my on screen keyboard when I was setting this up)
  23. Put in your Description you want, tap Done.
  24. It will show additional notifications settings that you can change if you wish.
  25. Tap the blue DONE button at the bottom of the screen
  26. It will then show the “tour” of the app that you can view by tapping Next or you can Skip it at the top right.
  27. Your account is now set up and ready to use!

Once you tap your account that shows there, you should see any messages you may have sent to it already.  If you tap “load more” it will let you choose how many days to sync.

That’s it!  You should be set up and be able to check your email.

These instructions are here for your convenience and have been tested and proven work with our service, but please understand we do not own or operate this app.  If you need support with the app, you will need to contact the developer.  If you can access your email through our webmail interface, then everything is working on our end.   Most issues setting up an app that we see come from someone not typing in the mail servers correctly.  Both incoming and outgoing (SMTP) servers must be:

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