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How to Sync Email from a Different Provider

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Are you wanting to move all your IMAP email messages from an old email address to your new ILJ Mail email address?   We recommend using the service located on this page:

When you look at the page, you will see something similar to this:


The LEFT side (in blue) is for your old email address you want to pull messages FROM.   The RIGHT side (greenish), is for your new email address you want to sync messages TO.

If you are coming from, use on the left side and on the right.  Full email address on both sides for login and then the passwords you use for each service on it’s respective side.

This tool is for syncing email messages between two providers.  It will not delete messages from either space unless you decide to go with the advanced settings in the extra parameters area.  For this purpose, we are only syncing messages so you can view them in both places.

Once you have the information filled in, click the green “Sync or resync!” button.  Do not close the browser window!  Leave it up until it’s done.  You will see a progress bar like this:

And you will also see a bunch of messages in the “console” area below the bar indicating that it is doing what it’s supposed to.  If you have a lot of email (like I did!), you will see quite a bit of text flowing and it will take a while.  Mine took about 5 minutes.

When it is done, the text messages will stop scrolling and there will be a success message at the bottom like this:


If you are having any trouble getting email from your Gmail account, please make sure that IMAP is enabled in Settings > Forwarding POP/IMAP > Enable IMAP

Let us know if you need help!   You can click here to go to our contact page.

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