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ILJ Mail Overview

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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


Wondering just what you will get with your subscription?

Privacy: Well, first and foremost, there’s the fact that it’s private.  There are no ads and nobody tracking you outside this site.  We do use a program to analyze our traffic but we don’t want to know where you go after you leave here!  You can take a look at our Privacy Policy here.

Awesome Email Address: It’s a really great email address.  So easy to remember and give people!  You don’t have to be someperson0933@gmail.   You can be or, or many other domains!

Secure Access:  All our accesses are secured with SSL/TLS.

Affiliate Program: We have a great affiliate program that keeps on paying every time the subscription renews!  It’s a unique fund raiser idea too!  For instance, if you are looking for recurring income for your church, have your church sign up to be an affiliate and share their affiliate url with everyone you know.   Then all your friends have cool email addresses, and your church or charity will bring in recurring income from it.  Read more about our affiliate program here.

Portable Email:  Access your email account from any web browser via webmail or through any email app or email program that accepts IMAP or POP accounts.  You can see the settings to use by clicking here.

Account Management:  You have access to your own account portal where you can manage your subscription, personal information, and your affiliate referrals.

Webmail:  We have a webmail interface for you to use if you want to check your email through a browser.  Here’s a screenshot:

It also has an Address Book to keep all your contacts, a Calendar, and it’s where you set your spam settings for your email address.

Support: If you ever need help, we have an extensive Knowledge Base at this link (in fact, this article is in our Knowledge Base so you can just look at the menu over to the left).  Our Knowledge Base should be able to answer most questions, but if you ever have further questions or would like to suggest a new knowledge base article, we offer helpful support through our contact form on the main site 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Central Time.  You can click here to go to our contact page.

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