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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


We thought we would make a page here that could be updated with new articles over time that you might be interested in.   Feel free to click around but please note that you are leaving our website and we are not responsible for the content that you will see on the websites that the links below will take you to.  A link from here does not endorse everything on the website it links to.  It’s just for informational purposes. Please proceed with caution as always.

Privacy Articles from Around the Web

There is a lot of information out there about how we are slowly losing our privacy.   Here are some interesting ones that we have gathered and we will add more to this list soon.

Vice (11/12/2020) – Six Reasons Why Google Maps Is the Creepiest App On Your Phone

PC Magazine (04/08/2020): What Does Big Tech Know About You? Basically Everything

NY Times Opinion Video (Dec. 2019) – You Should Be Freaking Out About Privacy

CNBC (May 2019) “Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy — and it’s hard to delete”

Fox and Friends (04/13/2018) – Kurt the ‘CyberGuy’ gives his take on the latest fallout over data privacy.

CNBC Video (12/06/2017 – older but still relevant) – Here’s Everything Google Knows About You

Business Insider (05/2017 – older but still relevant) – Google is under fire for watching you while you shop even when you’re not online


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