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Subscription Cancellations

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Whether you are here because you want to cancel your account (we hope not!) or you are here because you just clicked the Cancel button by accident, here is how our system works with cancellation:

Log in to your My Account area.

Click on Subscriptions over on the left menu:

You will then see your subscriptions listed:

Choose the subscription you want to view by clicking the blue “View” button.

That will show you the subscription details.  If you want to cancel your subscription, click the Cancel button.

If you click it by accident, don’t worry!  You can click “Reactivate” just as quickly.

The screen will turn to this again:


CANCELLATION DATE: Due to the nature of our email subscription, your account won’t actually cancel until the end of your payment period so you will have until the next payment date to change your mind!

EMAIL DELETION: Once we get notification that your cancellation has reached the end date, your email account will be deleted along with all messages that are on our server within 90 days.  If you are going to cancel your account and need to keep your email messages, please download them using the POP method before that date arrives.  Email accounts and messages will not be recoverable once deleted from our system.

If you have any questions or need further help, you can click here to go to our contact page




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