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Webmail “Skins” & Inbox Layouts

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Let’s talk about changing the look of webmail.  This article applies to the new webmail as of Feb. 2021, that you can access now at

The new webmail has what’s called “skins” that you can change the look of it with.

Here’s a video that shows all the available webmail skins:


If you haven’t changed the skin yet, you are looking at the “Elastic” skin that doesn’t allow the inbox layout customization, but most of the other ones do allow it.  Over on the left side, it shows an icon called “Apps”. Click that and in the drop down list, choose a different skin.

The ones that do not allow the inbox layout customization are “Elastic” and the ones with the + beside the name.  All the other ones do allow more inbox layout customization.

Once you choose a different skin, find “Settings” (usually in the upper right), then “Preferences”, then “Mailbox View” and you can change the layout there to one of three layouts:

1. “Widescreen” is the three column layout you see in the default skin.
2. “Desktop”  will have the list of email subjects at the top and you see the message underneath when you click the subject (like the older webmail looked),
3. “List” only shows the list of email subjects and you have to double click it to see the actual message.

Here’s a video on how to do that:


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