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Welcome to the ILJ Mail Affiliate Program!

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This knowledge base is being phased out.  You can find the new one with updated articles at this link:


This is the non-personalized content of the welcome letter emailed to all those who sign up to be an affiliate. 

Thank you for joining our Affiliate Program!

You can log into your affiliate area at or you can find it at any time in the left menu while logged into your account management area at

Your unique referral URL is listed in the Affiliate URL section here: so start sharing!

You can find lots of resources on how to share your URL here:

When logged in, this information is always available in your affiliate area:

Your personal referral URL
Referral Graphs
Referral List
Your Payouts
Your Visits
Your Sub Affiliates
Creatives We have more available here:
Settings (where you set your paypal payment email)

If you are a paid subscriber to our email service, you will receive your personal coupon code within 24 hours of registration.  Your coupon code is listed under the “Coupon” menu.  You can use this code to offer your visitors and friends a $3.99 discount.  That can be used for a free month on the monthly subscription or a discount on the yearly subscription.  This will award you a referral when their subscription begins.  They can use this coupon in place of having to click on your specific affiliate URL.   Coupons are the best way to assure that you get your referral rewards since the referral links depend on cookies being set in the browser.

Don’t forget to set your payment email address!  We pay through Paypal so you need to head to the affiliate area settings tab and make sure that your paypal email is up to date.   This is where all payments will go when you are eligible to receive one.

Spam: We do not allow you to send out our referral links in unsolicited emails.  Please refer to our Terms of Use and Affiliate Agreement.  If you get reported for spam, your affiliate account can be deactivated and no pending referral fees will be paid.

If you have any questions, please let us know! 

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