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Why Do I Have Two Usernames?

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You have an email address ( and a password to be able to check your email messages.

You also have an account username that was set up when you signed up for your subscription and was emailed to you.  We understand it’s frustrating to have two different usernames and passwords to keep up with but there is good reason for that.

You probably wonder… why can’t I just use my new email address to log into my account instead of having to set up another username and password plus an off network email?

Answer:  Security.

Account Management

Think of your new email address here as a product you purchased.  Like most other places online where you buy products, you are asked to set up a username and password so that you can manage/view your account details, support tickets, affiliate referrals, and subscription management.  If your or email account is ever compromised, the intruder will not be able to get into your account area with just that information.  You can either use the password reset function to get control back, or you can contact support and we will verify your ownership of the email account via your off network email address.

Multiple Email Accounts

What if you want more than one email address with us?  You got a neat email address and someone else in your home wants one too!  You might want pay for them with the same payment method.  You wouldn’t want to have to manage those subscriptions in two different accounts.  If you want to add another email subscription to your account, click the sign up button in the menu while you are signed in.  It will automatically put in your account information so the set up of the second email is much quicker.  – The only time you wouldn’t want to do that was if each person in your family wanted their own affiliate account.  Each account can only have one affiliate ID.

Why do I need an off network email address on file?

Receipt for Purchase

When you first set up your account, you will need to receive information about your purchase and account.  We send this to your “Recovery / Off Network” email address.  It’s one that should be accessible at the time you sign up.

Password Recovery

This is the truly important reason for that off network email address.  If you lose your password, you will have to have access to another email address hosted somewhere else (off network) to be able to get it back.   We have a reset password feature or our support team will use the off network email address you have listed in your account to send you one.

Security can be inconvenient, but it is necessary.

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