It’s time to start taking back your privacy by using an email provider that respects your inbox! ILJ Mail is here to help you have a great email experience without worrying about someone looking over your shoulder or selling your data.

Private Email

$3.99/mo or $39.99/year
  • 1 Private Email Address
  • 10 GB (10,000 MB) Email Storage
  • IMAP or POP Access
  • Webmail
  • Spam and Virus Filtering
  • Disposable Email Addresses
  • Affiliate Account plus Exclusive Coupon Code (see details below)

Affiliate Program

All subscribers are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program and are given an exclusive coupon code to share.  Click here or the banner below to find out more about our affiliate program!

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer IMAP and POP3 email that works with popular desktop clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird, and mobile devices.  

You can also log in to webmail at

You can, with third party applications.  Our service does not automatically encrypt your messages but you can use the plugin “Mailvelope” with our webmail or you can use PGP with an email program on your desktop such as Thunderbird (with the Enigmail plugin), on your iOS device with Canary, or on an Android device with the app FairEmail, among others.

See our knowledge base article for more information:

Our affiliate program is a high paying referral program that can bring you commissions on a monthly basis.  We give you 20% of all sales you refer to us plus 10% of the affiliate you sign up under you! Our hope is to provide a way for those wanting to make a change the means to earn passive recurring income from home.  You can find out more by clicking on this link:

You can either open a browser and log in at or you can set up an email app to check your email using the instructions in our knowledge base articles below:

Check Email on an iPhone/iPad

Check Email on an Android Device

Yes, you can get more than one email address. Each email address requires it’s own subscription but you can add multiple subscriptions to one billing account (that’s why you have an account management password and a separate email password). Once you set up your account and get your first email, just click on “Create Email” at the top of the page and choose another email address.   The system will fill in your information so the process is quick and easy.