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ILJ Mail is excited to announce that we have been able to add to our private email family. Having had many members of our own family in the military, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every current or former member of the military for their service and sacrifice. Are you now or have you been in the military or have family or loved ones in the military?   Are you

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More Email Address Choices at ILJ Mail!

Look What We Added to ILJ Mail! We have added many domains to our list of available email addresses .  Take a look at our list that we have available now and tell your friends! (if you do tell your friends, don’t forget to look at our affiliate program first…) New Domains Available How fun are these?  In addition to already offering and, we are

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Safe Browsing Practices

We want you to be safe from nosy trackers and websites that follow you around the web. To do that, however, you must use safe browsing practices. Even on websites that are not part of any advertisement networks, if it contains embedded content such as a twitter feed, a facebook “like” button, pinterest feed, or a video from youtube, the websites where that content is residing can track you.  This is why you should use

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Ignoring A Problem Won’t Help Solve It

I have been watching the protests and riots on social media and the news all weekend like everyone else in the U.S. and people all over the world. I have felt rage at the injustice (and at all those injustices that have come before it). I have felt sadness at the loss of those lives and the loved ones left to deal with it; many whom have never gotten closure at all. I have felt

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US Flag What is Section 230?

What Is Section 230?

With the government taking executive action against social media, the phrase “Section 230” has become popular once again.  We explain where it came from. What is Section 230 and why is it important? Before the internet, newspapers and televisions were the way we gathered information and they had to be held responsible for what they published. Once the internet came around, social websites popped up and everyone was invited to contribute their opinions and

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The Pandemic Opened The Door For Surveillance It’s becoming clear that those in charge would love nothing more than to be able to track everyone and what they do on a daily basis.  They will say it’s for everyone’s own good, their health, their safety, to catch the bad guys, etc.  I’m not so sure anymore. I am still on the line between confused as to what is really going on and completely dumbfounded at what I have read.  Things are

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The Story of ILJ Mail

What ever you do, always dream big, dare to be different and never be afraid to take that next step you feel God is leading you to take. You may just be stepping in to the journey of a lifetime. – Est. 1997 A year after we got our first computer and joined the world wide web, in the middle of a sunny day in October 1997, we purchased This is our story…

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8 Simple Ways to Promote Your ILJ Mail Affiliate Link

Need help getting the word out about ILJ Mail so you can earn referrals? Let us show you 8 simple ways to promote your ILJ Mail affiliate link!  Some of them are so easy to do and will help you promote your affiliate link every day. Note:  There is an updated, permanent version of this article available on our website here: 1 Use your email address with a signature. The easiest way to promote

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Are You Being Tracked on The Web?

Nobody wants to hear that someone is following them around.  However, it’s an ugly truth that we all live with in our current times.  In fact, this has been going on for a very long time on the world wide web.  It seems that it just recently has gotten widespread attention but privacy advocates have been warning us for many years that this was happening.  We just kept feeding our information into the machine anyway.

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The Price of “Free”

“The Price of Free” is the first post in a series titled “Paying With Privacy” currently being written by your friends at ILJ Mail. Part One – The Beginning I’ve been around the internet for a while.  I had my first experience in a chatroom chatting with customer service at Compuserve in 1996.   We started our internet business journey in 1997.  As people say nowadays “it’s been a minute”. The world wide web has certainly

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