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Enhanced Account Benefits
Last Updated 3 months ago

Here at ILJ Mail we offer two options for email accounts. We offer the Basic Account which includes everything you need to get your email messages in the email program or app of your choice, have up to 25GB (25000MB) of email storage, store up to 5GB (5000MB) of files, and to be able to maintain an address book, calendar and tasks list through our webmail interface.

We also offer an Enhanced Account. The difference is important and worth an upgrade if you are on the go a lot, have multiple email addresses you want to check in your browser, or need a place to store bigger files.

Enhanced Account Upgrades

Enhanced accounts offer everything the Basic account does (25 GB email storage, webmail access, privacy, security, file storage, etc), but it adds more on top of it.

  1. Enhanced accounts offer 10 more GB of file storage than Basic accounts for a total of 15 GB (15,000MB)
  2. Enhanced accounts offer the ability to add external accounts to their webmail interface so they can check multiple email addresses in one spot on the web if needed.
  3. Enhanced accounts offer ActiveSync (iOS, Android) so that you can seamlessly sync not only your email, but also your calendar, address book, and tasks/todos with your mobile phone.
We are excited about the future and have plans to enhance our services even more.

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