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Admin Panel Overview
Last Updated 3 months ago

The Admin Panel is where you add and remove email addresses in your account (what your billing account allows) and set up two factor authentication for access.

When you first sign in you will see an interface similar to this one:

On the left is the list of your accounts and quota. On the right is the record of logins and activity. At the top is the menu that says "Home" (this screen), 2FA, and Users

If you click Users, the panel below shows up. This will show existing email accounts that you have.


If your billing account allows more than what shows here, you can click on New User blue button to add a new email account. The following screen will show up:


The icons out to the right of the users names look like this:

The first icon generates a one time temporary password that is normally used for support.
The second icon is to edit the email address. That panel is where you can change the email account password, enable 2FA, etc.


The third icon deletes the user.
The fourth icon (green arrow) logs you into the control panel for that individual user.

This is the 2FA panel.


If you have any questions please feel free to open up a ticket! Just scroll to the top of this page.

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