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Why Private Email Is So Important

It is extremely important in these times that everyone has private forms of communication. Not only for every day conversations but also for things such as purchases, medical records and travel plans.

Email is one of the most common forms of messaging for the most sensitive types of information.

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Most companies offering free services collect our private data every minute that we use them.

The information they collect is used to create a complete personal profile of us that can be used for anything (and sold to anyone).

They know where we go, videos we watch, articles we read, what we purchase, which games we play, our interests, hobbies, etc.

In the name of convenience and free services, companies have slipped things in to their policies that allowed them to watch our every move on the web. This information is being used in ways that continue to become more invasive by the day.

Surveillance such as this has far reaching implications beyond that of just advertising. This type of overreach can affect things in the future such as availability to healthcare and even head in to the dark regions of religious persecution (as they have in other countries already).

What Does Google Track?

Google alone tracks everything you let it, even if you don’t realize you agreed to it…  They say they don’t scan your emails for advertisement targeting anymore but maybe they don’t need to with all the other tracking they do.    However, they DO keep up with any receipts that you receive in your inbox to keep in an almost hidden “Purchases” area that I bet you didn’t know about (see the links below).

Make sure you are logged in to your Google account and try the following links:

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  1. What we’ve been doing online:
  2. Our purchases:
  3. Where we’ve been:
  4. Our personal interests:
  5. Hotel reservations:

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